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New data sheets will be added as they become available. If a data sheet is not listed, contact Delta Controls for a printed data sheet. Left Column links to a web page. Far Right Column links to a PDF file.

PDF files not yet available for all products.

Model #DescriptionDatasheet
HTPThermocouple, Sulfur Processing Service00-HTP01.pdf
HTX Thermocouple, Sulfur Processing Service, ATEX, IECEX00-HTX01.pdf
HIPHandheld Infrared Pyrometer for Claus SRU00-HIP01.pdf
HIR Infrared Pyrometer, Sulfur Processing Service00-HIR01.pdf
HRGRefractory Drilling System00-HRG01.pdf
HFIFlush Gas Station, For Use with HIR Pyrometer00-HFI01.pdf
HFSFlush Gas Station, For Use with HTP/HTX/HTS Thermocouple00-HFS01.pdf
HNPRefractory Nozzle Packing Kit, For Use with HTP/HTX/HTS Thermocouple00-HNP01.pdf
HRMRefractory Mandrel, For Use with HTP/HTX Thermocouple00-HRM01.pdf
HRSRefractory Stop, For Use with HRG Drill Guide00-HRS01.pdf
HRWRefractory Protective Well00-HRW01.pdf
HTSThermocouple, Sulfur Processing Service, Compact00-HTS01.pdf
HMBMounting Bars, For Use with HTP/HTX00-HMB01.pdf
HTXThermocouple for Sulfur Recovery Units (ATEX)00-HTX01.pdf
TCPNozzle Obstruction Tool, For Use with HIR Pyrometer00-TCP01.pdf
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