• Offshore Safety Comes First When offshore safety is key, protect your oil platform with the Model 626 Firewater Flow Switch. Learn More
  • IPT Crude Desalting Interface Transmitter The desalter interface transmitter that allows removal during operation. Learn More
  • Industry's Trusted Level Transmitter Any cable length. Up to 1250 feet of H2O. Explore the unlimited possibilities of the 592. Learn More
  • Steam Condensate Tough Discover reliable mechanical level
    detection in steam up to 3000 PSIG.
    Learn More
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About Delta Controls

Delta Controls Corporation is an internationally recognized expert in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and support of engineered process equipment and instrumentation. Delta’s 45 years of instrumentation expertise allows our Louisiana based company to provide innovative and quality solutions for demanding applications untouched by competitors.


Delta’s instruments are designed and engineered for the demands of numerous applications.

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Global Presence

27,440,000 BPD. 121 Petroleum Refineries. Click below to learn more about Delta's global presence.

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Delta Controls is pleased to announce the award of an instrumentation contract for the Kuw [...]

Delta Controls, the internationally recognized expert in sulfur recovery temperature measu [...]

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