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Installation Videos for Temperature Equipment

Proper installation is critical to the long-term reliability of ClausTemp instrumentation. Delta strives to educate users on recommended installation guidelines and proper use of ClausTemp accessories. Discover the installation videos below to see how Delta’s innovative instrumentation and accessories can be properly integrated into your Claus thermal reactor.

Thermocouple Installation on non-vertical nozzles using the HMB mounting bars.
Download the .mp4 file.

Thermocouple Installation on vertical nozzles.
Download the .mp4 file.

Refractory Drilling using the H6G Drill Guide.
Download the .mp4 file.

This animation illustrates the installation of a nozzle on a vessel with existing refractory, and preparing the nozzle for thermocouple installation.
Download the RealMedia 1.2MB, WMV 2.2MB , or MPG 9.6MB files

This animation illustrates a complete installation of an HTP or HTX thermocouple, including usage of the model HRS refractory stop, H6G drill guide, packing installation, and thermocouple installation.
Download the .mp4 file.

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