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Engineering Services - Delta Controls

Delta Controls has 50 years of product design and development experience. We understand that not every instrumentation challenge can be solved with off the shelf solutions. Our engineering staff can undertake contracts to design and manufacture hardware and software that performs in accordance with detailed specifications. Equipment can be provided to conform to international codes and meet the criteria for many third party agency approvals.

Delta Controls Conforms with the Following International Codes:

  • ANSI
  • NEC
  • DIN
  • CSA
  • ASME
  • API
  • NACE
  • ATEX

Delta Controls has the in house capability to test parameters including: hoseproof, submergible, and explosion proof housings, operating ambient temperatures, life cycle under process conditions, precision distance, pressure, and temperature. We have the capability to prototype circuit boards, machine precision parts, and function test first run products.

Control Instrument Customization

  1. Difficult applications cannot be accurately measured using standard commodity instrument equipment; Delta Controls designs equipment for optimum measurement accuracy and reliability.
  2. Delta Controls manufactures a wide variety of sensing and control instruments. We can also utilize components made by other manufacturers when needed for the best solution in a challenging application.
  3. Delta Controls actively solicits and pursues user needs for unusual or unavailable control and sensing equipment. We commonly modify Delta products or products made by other manufacturers to efficiently and economically handle difficult services and unusual applications.
  4. Common customizations involve the need for: special materials, custom sizes, specific process connections, unavailable configurations, high pressures (to 20,000 psi), extreme temperatures (-460 °F to +5,000 °F), submergible housings, high radiation environments, hazardous areas, radio or digital network communication, corrosive and high vibration environments.

ClausTemp Instrumentation

Temperature of Claus thermal reactors cannot be reliably measured for an extended amount of time by standard industrial temperature instrumentation. Delta offers custom engineered solutions on all ClausTemp products to meet the specifications of sulfur recovery units internationally in unique configurations. Delta also strives to provide customers with sulfur recovery expertise ensuring ClausTemp products are properly engineered to the exacting need of the installation.

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