Flow Switches

An Engineered Flow Detection Solution

Delta’s 600 series flow switches offer a variety of engineered flow switches to meet the exacting need of any flow application. Utilizing materials of construction such as carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, monel, Hastelloy ‘C’, PVC, alloy 20, and titanium, Delta’s flow switches endure the corrosive applications other flow switches cannot withstand. Other features include:

  • Precalibrated for desired switch points
  • Proven in high reliability service for over 30 years
  • No external power supply required
  • Simple in principle, highly reliable, easily tested
  • Seal-free, magnetically coupled, fireproof, leakproof
  • Monitor the flow of gases, chemicals, hydrocarbons, or water where a failure to switch properly could be serious or catastrophic (e.g. fire water flow, safety shower and eye wash)
  • Service: -40 to 450° F (-40 to 230° C) -15 to 5000 PSIG (-1 to +345 BAR)

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