Model 625

SKU: 625

Flow Switch, Inline Body, Ultra Low Flow, Adjustable Actuation

Delta Controls Model 625 – Detects ultra low flows for 1/8″ through 1″ pipelines; for detection additives, oiling, purging, etc. low pressure drop at 35 times detected flow rate; field adjustable.


Model 625 Product Diagram - Delta Controls Corporation

The Delta Controls Type 625 produces on/off switching action at preset rates of flow. It is used for flow protection, safety monitoring, purging of explosion proof housing etc.


The flowing fluid passes through both the piston variable/orifice annulus and/or the bypass valve. A pressure drop is created across the piston due to the flow rate of the fluid. Increasing differential pressure causes the piston to move and compress the range spring. When the piston mounted magnet is carried far enough, the switch magnet is attracted and the output snap switch is actuated. The range spring and the amount of bypass valve opening determines the flow rate switching point.

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