Model 626

Flow Switch, Inline Body, Seawater Deluge Service

Delta Controls Model 626 – For detection of sea water flow in offshore deluge fire control system.


Model 626 Product Diagram - Delta Controls Corporation

The Delta Controls Model 626 is a target actuated flow switch. It is equipped with a body that fits into and becomes part of the pipeline. It is used to detect very low flow rates in offshore deluge firewater piping systems.

The Model 626 is equipped with a “fitted” target that nearly fills the inside area of the in-line pipeline body under no flow conditions. The target is the “full swing” type. It rotates back 90 ° to rest against the inside of the pipeline when the flow rate exceeds the calibrated alarm activation flow rate.

The target has been “cupped” and “fitted” so that it fills the inside pipe area and is flush against the interior curve of the pipeline during higher flow rates. Only the thin edge of the target, plus its support block, is in the flow. The inside area of the pipeline is not restricted and the result is a full pipe size open bore. This design allows extremely high flow velocities without damage or pressure losses. Even so, the 626 can actuate at the very low flow rate which occurs when a single nozzle has begun to operate.

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