Model 622

SKU: 622

Flow Switch, Directly Inserted

Delta Controls Model 622 — Inserted into 1½” to 60″ (40 to 1500 mm) pipelines and ducts. Inserts through a welded on branch fitting pipeline tee or flange. Used in general purpose service for detecting loss of adequate flow, or for alarming excessive flow.


Model 622 Product Diagram - Delta Controls Corporation

The Delta Controls Type 622 produces on/off switching action in response to liquid or gas flow rates in horizontal or vertical pipelines and ducts. A target extends into the flowing stream and operates an output switch at the setpoint flow rate. These switches protect pumps, blowers, heat exchangers, etc. They are factory calibrated to switch at the specified flowrate. An internal adjustment allows small switchpoint changes to be made in the field. Large changes require changing the size of the target.


Connection of the target to the output switch is done magnetically. A heavy duty solid sealing tube separates the process fluid from the switch mechanism. Leaks and seal failures are eliminated because "O" rings, diaphragms, etc., are not used. A pivoted target extends down into the flowing stream. The flowing fluid creates a force as it strikes the target. At a predetermined velocity, the force becomes great enough to cause the target and the attractor to rotate about the pivot point. The magnet reacts to the new attractor position and the output switch operates. The target rotates back to its original position as the flow decreases; and the output switch then returns to its original position.

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