Model 624

SKU: 624

Flow Switch, Directly Inserted, Full Swing Target

Delta Controls Model 624 – Negligible pressure drop at high velocities for 2″ through 8″ (50 to 200mm) pipelines; similar to 621, except target swings a full 90° and provides an unobstructed line bore.


Model 621 Product Diagram - Delta Controls Corporation

The Delta Controls Model 624 is a target actuated flow switch and is equipped with a body that fits into and becomes part of the pipeline. The inside body dimensions and end connections are constructed to match those of the pioeline. This model is simular to Model 621 and is available in 1" to 8" sizes.

The Delta Controls Model 624 is equipped with a full swing target that rotates flush against the downstream body wall. This results in an open bore matching that of the pipeline.

The 624 is equipped with a flat blade type target that hangs down into the flow stream. In response to increasing flow rate; the switch actuates and the target rotates 90 degrees putting the target flush against the inside of the pipeline wall. The target is out of the way and the flow stream leaving the pipeline bore unobstructed. The flow velocity may be in excess of 100 feet (30 M) per second without damage to the body or target.


Connection of the target to the output switch is done magnetically. A heavy-duty solid sealing tube separates the process fluid from the switch mechanism. Failures due to seal, diaphragm, and bellows leaks are eliminated.

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