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New data sheets will be added as they become available. If a data sheet is not listed, contact Delta Controls for a printed data sheet. Left Column links to a web page. Far Right Column links to a PDF file.

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Model #DescriptionDatasheet
103Capacitance Level Switch (Discontinued)00-10301
104Tip Sensitive Capacitance Level Switch (Discontinued)00-10401
105Capacitance Level Switch, Optional Remote Mount, DPDT00-10501
107Capacitance Level Switch, Multipoint, Two or Four DPDT Relays00-10701
173Capacitance Level Transmitter, Loop Powered, Digital Circuitry00-17301
IPTCapacitance Interface Transmitter, Refinery Desalter00-17301
328LCD Display, Loop Powered00-32801
341Alarm, One Relay 4-20mA00-34101
351Alarm, Two Relay 4-20mA00-35101
352Alarm, Two Relay 4-20mA00-35202
354Alarm, Four Relay 4-20mA00-35202
35524v Power Supply, 70mADC (Discontinued)00-35501
3584-20 Input Smart Level Controller; 6 Relays (Discontinued)00-35801
3604 Channel 4-20mA Input Smart Level Controller; 6 Relays (Discontinued)00-36001
512Conductance Level Switch, Two Relay (Discontinued)00-51201
513Conductance Level Switch, Single Relay (Discontinued)00-51301
514Conductance Level Switch, Four Relay (Discontinued)00-51201
551Pressure Transmitter; Compact Size00-55101
552Pressure Transmitter, Modular Electronics00-55201
562Pressure Transmitter, Cable Suspended, Pipe Supported00-56201
563Pressure Transmitter, Modular Electronics, Extended Face00-56301
564Inserted-Under-Pressure Pressure/Level Transmitter (Discontinued)00-56401
565Pressure Transmitter, Large Diaphragm, Integral Electronics00-56501
566Pressure Transmitter, Large Diaphragm, Remote Electronics00-56601
571Pressure Transmitter, Compact Size, Sanitary Service00-57101
572Pressure Transmitter, Modular Electronics, Sanitary Service00-57201
591Pressure Transmitter, Cable Suspended, Integral Electronics00-59101
592Pressure Transmitter, Cable Suspended, Remote Electronics00-59201
835Tilt Switch00-59201
60Tilt Probes, For Use With Model 83500-06001
621Flow Switch, Inline Body00-62101
622Flow Switch, Directly Inserted00-62201
623Flow Switch, Low Flow, Safety Shower and Eye Wash Station Service00-62314
624Flow Switch, Directly Inserted, Full Swing Paddle00-62401
625Flow Switch, Inline Body, Ultralow Flow, Adjustable Actuation00-62501
626Flow Switch, Inline Body, Seawater Deluge Service00-62601
633Fluid Detector, Electronic00-63301
658Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter (Discontinued)00-65801
6684-20mA Input Open Channel Flow Meter (Discontinued)00-66801
709Float Switch, Top Inserted, Single Point00-70901
710Float Switch, Top Inserted, Two Point00-71001
711Float Switch, Top Inserted, Two Point, Wide Separation00-71101
715Displacer Switch, Top Inserted, Single Point00-71501
716Displacer Switch, Top Inserted, Two Point00-71601
717Displacer Switch, Top Inserted, Three Point00-717A1
718Displacer Switch, Top Inserted, Four Point00-718A1
735Float Switch, Side Inserted, Single Point00-73501
740Float Switch, Side Inserted, Two Point00-74001
750Float Switch, External Cage, Horizontal00-75001
760Float Switch, External Cage, Vertical00-76001
762Displacer Switch, External Cage, Vertical, High Pressure00-76201
765Float Switch, External Cage, Vertical, Two Point00-76501
767Float Switch, External Cage, Vertical, Two Point, Wide Spacing00-76701
770Float Switch, External Cage, Vertical, Multi-point00-77001
763External Vertical Cage Level Switch for Stream or High Temp/Pressure00-76301
P21Capacitance Probe, Tubular Ground00-p2101
P25Capacitance Probe, High Temperature and Pressure Service, Tubular Ground00-p2501
P26Capacitance Probe, High Temperature and Pressure Service, Slotted Tubular Ground for Interface Service00-p2501
P31Capacitance Probe, External Cage, Vertical00-p3101
P41Conductance Probe with Single Rod Electrode00-p4101
P42Conductance Probe with Single Cable Electrode (Discontinued)00-p4201
P43Conductance Probe with Multiple Cable Electrodes (Discontinued)00-p4301
P44A,BConductance Probe with Multiple Rod Electrodes, Regular Duty (Discontinued)00-p44A1
P44C,DConductance Probe with Multiple Rod Electrodes, Regular Duty (Discontinued)00-p44A1
P44F,GConductance Probe with Multiple Rod Electrodes, Heavy Duty (Discontinued)00-p44F1
P44H,JConductance Probe with Multiple Rod Electrodes, Heavy Duty (Discontinued)00-p44F1
P44MConductance Probe with 2 Rod Electrodes, for Sanitary Service (Discontinued)00-p44M1
P44NConductance Probe with 3 Rod Electrodes, for Sanitary Service (Discontinued)00-p44M1
P44PConductance Probe with 4 Rod Electrodes, for Sanitary Service (Discontinued)00-p44M1
P46A,BConductance Probe with Multiple Cable Electrodes, Adjustable Knot Type (Discontinued)00-p4601
P47D,E,FConductance Probe with Multiple Cable Electrodes, Adjustable Knot Type (Discontinued)00-p4601
P51Capacitance Probe, Solid Rod, General Purpose Use00-p5101
P52Capacitance Probe, Heavy-Duty00-p5201
P53Capacitance Probe, Pressurized Vessel Insertion/Removal00-p5301
P55Capacitance Probe, High Temperature and Pressure00-p5501
P56Capacitance Probe, High Temperature and Pressure, Tubular Ground00-p5501
P57Capacitance Probe, Parallel Ground00-p5701
P61Capacitance Probe, Sanitary Service00-p6101
P62Capacitance Probe, Sanitary Service, Tubular Ground00-p6201
P66Capacitance Probe, Sanitary Service, Metal Ion Free00-p6601
P68Capacitance Probe, Sanitary Service, Metal Ion Free, Parallel Ground00-p6801
P71Capacitance Probe, Flexible Cable00-p7101
P72Capacitance Probe, Flexible Cable, Parallel Ground00-p7201
P81Capacitance Probe, Rigid Rod, Dry Granulated Solids and Powders00-p8101
P86Capacitance Probe, Flexible Cable, Dry Granulated Solids and Powders00-p8601
P91Capacitance Probe, Floating Probe for Oil Skimmer00-p9101
PS24v Power Supply, 100 mADC00-35501
TPCTank Pressure Compensating Add-On Pressure Sensor (Discontinued)00-TPC01
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