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Delta Controls' History


50+ Years of Instrumentation Expertise


Delta Controls Founded

On July 24th, 1972 Delta Controls Corporation is founded as a manufacturer of engineered automation and instrumentation systems.

Sulfur Recovery Temperature

Delta is challenged by EPC company to engineer a thermocouple capable of successfully withstanding the corrosive and high temperature process conditions of sulfur recovery units. The ‘Series HT Acid Gas Thermocouple’ is put into production effectively solving the industry’s issue of thermocouple failure in sulfur recovery units.


Innovative Capacitance Technology

The 100-series capacitance line is put into production, later introducing the two-wire capacitance technology in 1987.


Mechanical & Flow Instrumentation

The 600-series flow switches and 700-series mechanical level switches are put into production.


Ultrasonic Technology

The 800-series ultrasonic transmitter line is developed and produced, later introducing the Model 858 Ultrasonic Alarm/Controller in 1989.


Hyrdrostatic Pressure

The 500-series hydrostatic pressure transmitter line is developed and put into production.


New Facility

Delta moves from the original facility to a newly constructed facility in Shreveport, LA.


Ultrasonic Flow

The Model 658 Ultrasonic Flow Meter is put into production.


Solid Level Detection

The 800-series Kodata level sensors for solid materials are put into production.


Claus Pyrometer

The Model HIR sulfur recovery infrared temperature transmitter is introduced in 2003, utilizing a steam jacketed lens assembly and drift-free remote electronics for reliable Claus Reactor temperature measurement.


ATEX HTX Thermocouple

The HTX Thermocouple is put into production in 2005, providing an ATEX version of the popular HTP Thermocouple.

Founder E.E. Brown

Delta Controls founder E.E. Brown passes away in 2005.


Handheld Pyrometer

The HIP Handheld Infrared Pyrometer is put into production in 2013.


Delta Controls Acquisition

Delta is acquired by local investment company resulting in a seamless transition and continued operations in Shreveport, LA.


Delta Controls Rebranded

A revitalized and modernized brand for our customers, employees, distributors, suppliers, and all of our partners globally. Internationally recognized durability – improved and renewed.


50 Years of Engineered Reliability

We are proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary with our employees, clients, and partners—and look forward to the next 50 years!


Delta Controls Corporation

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