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Level and Process Pressure Transmitters


551 1inch MPT with 4X housing and 551 1/2inch FPT with ex-proof housing

The Delta Controls Model 551 is for general purpose pressure or level measurement, the 551's integral electronics provide a very low profile unit for mounting in places where space is at a premium.

Download the Model 551 Detailed Datasheet 


Model 552 with flange process connection and explosion-proof housing

The Delta Controls Model 552 has a separate potted electronics module and is more versatile than the Model 551 for corrosive and wet services. The various housings can include optional loop power supply, LCD readout, and alarm points.

Download the Model 552 Detailed Datasheet 



Model 562 Pressure Transmitter



The Delta Controls Model 562 is a two-wire pressure transmitter designed to measure liquid level in wet wells, pump pits and tanks under atmospheric pressure. The sensor and isolation diaphragm are inserted down into the liquid or slurry from the top.

Download the Model 562 Detailed Datasheet 




563  Pressure Transmitter


The Delta Controls Model 563 mounts on the side of, and at the bottom of a tank or other containment and measures the pressure exerted on the sensor face by the liquid head. The flush diaphragm 563 is intended for measurement of dirty or high solids content products that might easily plug the small openings and tubing connections of basic transmitters. The extended diaphragm configuration is typically used to gain access to the inside of a tank or other containment liquid through a pipe nozzle. The extended face allows the sensor to be located inside the vessel to insure that solids either fall off or do not become rigid enough to cause measurement errors.

  Download the Model 563 Detailed Datasheet 




564  Pressure Transmitter

Intended to be inserted or removed without draining or depressurizing the tank or vessel, the Delta Controls Model 564 is suitable for services that are very dirty, leave deposits, and generally tend to plug up any cavity or recess they encounter. Services include waste water, mining slurries, liquefied ammonia, leachate, and other toxic or corrosive liquids. The ability to insert the sensor face of the Model 564 all the way into the inside of the vessel usually eliminates these problems.

The Model 564 can be inserted from the top or side of a vessel as required. Safety stops prevent accidental ejection of the transmitter and rapid discharge of the tank contents into the environment. Block valve, adapters, and pipe fittings may be furnished by the user or by Delta Controls Corp.

Download the Model 564 Detailed Datasheet 



565  Pressure Transmitter


The Delta Controls Model 565 is designed for level measurement in liquids with high solids content such as sewage, wastewater, and slurries. Because the diaphragm is completely open to the product being measured, it cannot be plugged and rendered inoperable by liquids with high solids content. The diaphragm is fabricated from tough rubber and is coupled to the strain gage through a nontoxic oil fill. The abrasion resistant face has superior resistance to damage from gravel and other moving solids. Its large 3" active size and its smooth S.S. outer surface make it extremely durable and reliable in harsh services.

The Delta Controls Model 566 is like the Model 565, but with electronics mounted remotely for easy calibration.

Download the Model 565 Detailed Datasheet 
Download the Model 566 Detailed Datasheet 


Model 571 Sanitary Pressure Transmitter


The Delta Controls Model 571 Level and Pressure Transmitter was designed specifically for food, pharmaceutical and ultraclean applications. The sensor is constructed of 100% 316 S.S. It is completely free from process wetted crevices, cracks, and voids that can harbor contaminants. This sanitary transmitter is intended for service in applications where frequent and thorough cleaning of the system components must be performed.

Download the Model 571 Detailed Datasheet 



572  Pressure Transmitter



The Delta Controls Model 572 Level and Pressure Transmitter uses the same sanitary sensor design as the model 571, but has a modular electronics and a housing that can accommodate optional power supply, LCD readout, and alarm points.

Download the Model 572 Detailed Datasheet 




591  Pressure Transmitter


The Delta Controls Model 591 level transmitter incorporates both the sensor and the electronics unit in a single potted module. The module is protected by a Viton® sealed heavy stainless steel body. This lower body is sealed to an electrical cable, both of which are supported from the well head above. The sensor detects the pressure of the water surrounding it. Unlike "Capacitance" and "Admittance" type devices, the Model 591 is unaffected by algae growth and sludge coating. Also, it’s calibration can be "bucket" checked or changed without the unit being installed in a well or pit. It is inexpensive to purchase and install. It is also virtually maintenance free which results in a low cost of ownership. The Model 591 is also very useful for measuring levels in tanks. The flexible cable is easy to install, even when the head room above a tank is minimal.

Download the Model 591 Detailed Datasheet 


Model 590


The Delta Controls Model 590 level transmitter is a simplified and limited version of the 591.



Model 592 Cable Suspended Pressure Transmitter


Designed to measure liquid level in boreholes, water wells, landfills, leachate, mining, environmental remediation, etc. The small diameter sensor is easy to install in well casings, sumps, or open pit stilling wells. TheDelta Controls Model 592 electronics unit is separated from the sensor and mounted above ground for ease of testing, recalibration, and inspection. The sensor is mounted in a heavy 316 S.S. body. A rugged electrical cable interconnects them and supports the body. Both are potted for maximum reliability.

Download the Model 592 Detailed Datasheet 


TPC  Pressure Transmitter


The Delta Controls Model TCP provides the benefits of a D/P cell for level measurement, but without the problems commonly encountered with D/P cell wet-legs, the Model TPC works in conjunction with, and connects to the housing of a Series 550 Level Transmitter. The Model TPC corrector senses the gas space pressure and electronically subtracts it from the total head pressure sensed by the sensor located at the bottom of the tank. The bottom and top tank pressures are linked electronically rather than mechanically with a wet leg. The TPC avoids the plugging, condensation, and evaporation problems associated with conventional D/P cell capwet legs and impulse piping. The absence of a wet leg also makes a purge system unnecessary when the liquid carries entrained solids. Used with Models 552, 562, 563, 564, 566, and 572.

Download the Model TPC Detailed Datasheet 




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