Model 562

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Pressure Transmitter, Cable Suspended, Pipe Supported

The Delta Controls Model 562 level transmitter consists of a potted electronic module and a pressure sensing probe. The probe consists of a cable connected sensor supported and protected by a S.S. body and supported by a rigid 3/4″ Sch 40 pipe. The electronics housing can be mounted directly on the probe head or remotely for convenience or safety. The length of supporting pipe can be supplied by Delta Controls or by the user.


  • Two Wire Loop Powered 4-20 mADC Signal
  • Suitable For Dirty Liquids And Slurries
  • Integral Or Remoted, Potted Electronic Module
  • Oil Filled Sensor Isolating Diaphragm
  • Transmission of Liquid Temperature Over A Second 2-Wire 4-20 mA Loop
  • Ranges From 12 Inches To 36 Feet (0.3 to 11 M) water column
  • Zero & Span Pots For Field Calibration
  • Optional LCD Display And Alarm
  • Optional 20-4 mADC Reverse Calibration
  • Optional Isolation Bladder For Vent Tube
  • Technology Used Does Not Require A Ground Reference Rod When The Container Is Nonconductive
  • Not Affected By Product Coating Or Algae Buildup
  • Maintenance Free Operation


  • Technology: Silicon strain gage
  • Output: 4-20 mADC Isolated; Intrinsically Safe
  • Supply Power: 13 to 35 VDC 2 Wire loop powered
  • Loop Impedance: 550 ohms at 24 VDC. 1100 ohms at 35 VDC
  • Adjustments: Span from 30% to 100% of sensor range and Zero to 30% suppression is basic, non-interactive.
  • Protective Devices: Transient suppressers for voltage surge and spark protection.
  • Cable Jacket: PVC basic; TEF optional
  • Temperature Range:
    • -20 to +220°F (-30 to 105°C) Process
    • -20 to +185°F (-30 to +85°C) Electronics
    • 30 to +130°F (-1 to +55°C) Compensated (Higher Available)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.25% F.S. or better
  • Thermal Error: ± 0.02% F.S./ °F maximum
  • Over Pressure: 2X Range (35 PSI / 2.5 Bar min) without damage ; 3X Range, 1000 PSI (70 Bar) minimum without rupture
  • Barometric Effect: None (Note: Use The "TPC" Corrector to correct for gas space pressure in unvented and pressurized tanks.)


When the Delta Controls Model 562 is installed in a tank, sump, basin or other containment, the strain gage sensor detects the pressure exerted on it by the water or other liquid surrounding it. This pressure is linearly proportional to the height and density of the liquid above the sensor. There are no cavities and the diaphragm is completely open to the liquid being measured. The sensor cannot be plugged and rendered inoperable by liquids with high solids contents. Waste liquids and slurries are easily handled.

The top mounting feature of the Model 562 makes it easy to use in concrete basins, sumps and other containments where bottom or side mounting of a sensor would be difficult or impossible. Compared to a capacitance probe transmitter, it requires neither reference ground nor periodic cleaning and recalibration to function accurately and reliably.

The 562's probe can be mounted using a wide range of NPT and flanged connections. It can also be supplied with either a vertical wall or a horizontal ledge mounting bracket for support over basins, open tanks, pits, and similar installations. The sensor is referenced to atmospheric pressure through a vent tube. A desiccant filter or isolation bladder prevents moisture condensation in the tube.

Optional Features

  • Dampening: Selectable, 0.1 to 22 seconds.
  • Condensation Protection: Desiccant chamber or Isolation Bladder on vent tube.
  • Indicator: Large LCD display in engineering units.
  • DC Power Supply*: VAC to 24 VDC output.
  • Alarm Module*: Integral 5 amp, SPDT; 1 or 2. (Not third party listed)
  • Liquid Temperature Option: A separate 2-wire 4-20 mADC loop transmitter can be included in the Model 562 housing. A precision temperature sensor is mounted with the level sensor. Range: Can be any from 50 to 250°F (30 to 140°C) span between -50 and +250°F (or corresponding span in metric units). Accuracy is &plusm; 0.5°F.

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