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Pressure Transmitter, Cable Suspended, Remote Electronics

The Delta Controls Model 592 Pressure Transmitter features electronics that are separated from the sensor and mounted above ground for ease of testing, recalibration, and inspection. The sensor is mounted in a heavy 316 Stainless Steel body. A rugged electrical cable interconnects them and supports the body. Both are potted for maximum reliability. The sensor measures the pressure of the liquid above it. This pressure is linearly proportional to the height and density of the liquid above it. The 592 converts this pressure into a 4-20 mA dc level signal. The sensor is connected through a vent tube to atmospheric pressure for a reference.

Unlike capacitance and admittance type devices, the 592 is unaffected by algae and sludge coating. Its calibration can be checked or changed without the unit being installed in a well or pit.

The 592 is extremely useful for measuring levels in tanks. The flexible cable is easy to install, even when head room above a tank is minimal. The small body diameter allows it to be installed through a 0.75 inch MPT hole.


  • 4-20 mA dc signal, 2-wire loop
  • Small size is easy to install
  • Fits a 0.75 in NPT (23 mm) hole, slides easily down a 1.0 in (27 mm) guide pipe
  • Ranges 1 ft to 2500 ft (0.3 m to 762 m) in wate
  • Support cable up to 4000 feet (1219 m) long
  • Unaffected by algae and wet buildup
  • Spark and voltage surge protection
  • Sensor is at the bottom of well bore or tank
  • Electronics in a remote housing
  • Zero and Span pots for recalibration
  • Units are field serviceable
  • Cable support clamp provided
  • Sludge nose optional for dirty liquids
  • Second vent tube can check for downhole sealing
  • Maintenance free operation


  • Technology: Silicon strain gauge
  • Supply Power: 13 DCV to 35 DCV, 2-wire loop powered
  • Output Signal :4-20 mA dc, isolated
  • Loop Impedance: 550 Ω at 24 DCV, 1100 Ω at 35 DCV
  • Adjustments: 30% ≤ 100% of range
  • Basic Non-Interactive: Zero ≤ 30%
  • Over Pressure:22X range, 35 psi (2.5 bar) min without damage; 3X range, 1000 psi (70 bar) min without rupture
  • Vent Tube: Protected from moisture condensation through a desiccant filter or isolation bladder
  • Temperature Range:
  • Operating: 20 °F to +220 °F (-29 °C to +104 °C)
  • Intermittent: -40 °F to +275 °F (-40 °C to +135 °C)
  • Compensated: +30 °F to +130 °F (-1 °C to +55 °C), higher available
  • Accuracy:± 0.25% FS or >
  • Thermal Error:± 0.02% FS/°F max
  • Barometric Effect: None

Certifications & Approvals

  • Explosion-proof Housing Option: Third Party Listed by CSA NRTL/C (USA and Canada)
    Class I, Groups B, C and D;
    Class II, Groups E, F and G;
    Class III; Encl 4X:

Required Ordering Information

  • Detailed model number
  • Tag or nameplate detail (if required)
  • Factory calibration: custom range or full-scale
  • Documentation/testing tiers (if required, refer to Additional Resources in the product catalog)

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Pressure Transmitter, Cable Suspended, Remote Electronics

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