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Pressure Transmitter, Modular Electronics

The Delta Controls Model 552 Pressure Transmitter Sensor includes an oil-filled 316-L Stainless Steel or Hastelloy® C-276 diaphragm which isolates the strain gauge bridge from the process liquid or gas. The back of the sensor is usually vented to atmosphere to compensate for barometric pressure changes.

The 552 has a separate epoxy potted electronics module which plugs-in. The advantage is that the module can be replaced if in the event of failure. An integral indicating meter can be added to the housing.


  • General purpose pressure/level service
  • Separate electronics module and senso
  • Heavy-duty rugged body
  • Integral Electronics/Sensor Module
  • Measures liquid level in pressurized tanks
  • Ranges from 12 inches in water to 1000 psi (0.3 bar to 70 bar)
  • Zero and Span pots for field recalibration
  • Spark and voltage surge protection
  • Optional LCD display
  • Optional integral power supply module
  • Maintenance free operation


  • Technology: Silicon strain gauge
  • Supply Power: 13 DCV to 35 DCV 2-wire loop powered
  • Output:4-20 mA dc Isolated
  • Loop Impedance: 550 Ω at 24 VDC 1100 Ω at 35 DCV max
  • Adjustments (Span):30% ≤ 100% of sensor range
  • Basic:Zero ≤ 30%
  • Optionally Non-Interactive: ≤ 80%
  • Over Pressure Range:2X range 35 psi (2.5 bar min) without damage 3X range 1000 psi (70 bar min) without rupture min
  • Temperature Range:
  • Process: -20 °F to +220 °F (-29 °C to +104 °C)
  • Electronics: 20 °F to +185 °F (-29 °C to +85 °C)
  • Compensated (Higher Available):+30 °F to +130 °F (-1 °C to +54 °C), higher available
  • Accuracy:± 0.25% FS or >
  • Thermal Error:± 0.02% FS/ °F max
  • Barometric Effect:None

Certifications & Approvals

  • Explosion-proof Housing Option: Third Party Listed by CSA NRTL/C (USA and Canada)
    Class I, Groups B, C and D;
    Class II, Groups E, F and G;
    Class III; Encl 4X:

Required Ordering Information

  • Detailed model number
  • Tag or nameplate detail (if required)
  • Factory calibration: custom range or full-scale
  • Documentation/testing tiers (if required, refer to Additional Resources in the product catalog)

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Pressure Transmitter, Modular Electronics

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