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Osmosis Filter

Application Overview

During the reverse osmosis process, under high pressure the saline passes through an osmosis filter. Only water can pass through the semipermeable membrane thereby filtering out contaminants such as salts, viruses, and bacteria. Differential pressure is constantly measured to monitor the contamination level and ensure the integrity of the membrane.

The Delta Controls Benefit

  • Simple side mounting provides easy access to the sensor
  • Simple installation and setting adjustments available on onboard menus or HART¨ controller
  • Available temperature measurement feature provides additional monitoring through one sensor
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Process Data

Measurement Type

Level and/or pressure measurement



Typical Process Temperature

+32°F to +176°F (0 ⁰C to +80 ⁰C)

Typical Process Pressure

0 psi to +290 psi (0 bar to +20 bar)
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