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Solvent Storage Silo

Application Overview

Various solvents such as sugar, flour, salt etc. are used in a food product to give it a particular taste and texture. These solvents are kept in the large silos and are transportation in and out for subsequent treatment via pneumatic conveyance mechanisms. To make sure that the processes are carried out efficiently and the inventory is kept to a sufficient degree, frequent level measurement and pressure measurement is necessary for the silos and the pneumatic conveyors respectively.

The Delta Controls Benefit

  • Robust design provides long-term reliability
  • Simple installation
  • Simple setpoint and differential setpoints allow for streamlined field adjustments
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Process Data

Measurement Type

Level measurement and point level detection

Installation Vessel


Typical Range

4.6 feet (1.4 meters)



Typical Process Temperature

+50°F to +302°F (+10 ⁰C to +150 ⁰C)

Typical Process Pressure

0 psi to +145 psi (0 bar to +10 bar)
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