Model 762

SKU: 762

Displacer Switch, External Cage, Vertical, High Pressure

Operation: A float or displacer moves up and down as the liquid level (interface) varies. Switch action occurs at a preset elevation

Switching: Single alarm

Specific Gravity: 0.35 to 2.4

Temperature: -100 to 800°F (-70 to +430° C)

Pressure: –15 to 20,000 PSIG (-1 to 1400 BAR)

Process Connection: SB or SSB style
½”, ¾”, or 1″ NPT, stub, or S. W.
½” to 2″ flanged, to 2500#, ANSI
2″ Greyloc clamp hubs

The switch station is on the outside of the barrier tube and is isolated from the process liquid. It is equipped with a magnet whose lines of force pass through the nonmagnetic barrier tube. The magnet is pulled in against the outside of the tube and actuates the microswitch when the attractor is lifted into the magnetic field inside the tube.

This unit utilizes thick wall displacers for sensing elements. The support spring offsets most of the displacer weight so that liquid buoyancy requirements are minimized. It is designed for services with low specific gravity liquids and very high pressures.


  • Mechanical Simplicity Produces Maximum Reliability
  • Designed In Accordance With ANSI B31 Or Other
  • Radiography And Dye Penetrant Testing
  • Hydro Pressure Test At 150% Of Design Pressure
  • 100% Operational Testing
  • Low SPG Operation; To 20,000 PSIG Basic
  • Interface Detection At Very High Pressures
  • Insensitive To High Frequency Vibration
  • No Seals To Leak, Magnetically Coupled
  • No Plastic Displacers To Dissolve Or Fail
  • Material Certificates, Mill Test Reports, And Test Documents Provided To User


  • Working SPG: 0.30 min with "S1" or "S2" switch station; 0.35 minimum with others
  • Temperature: Cage Design: -400 to +650°F (-240 to +345°C)
    • Displacer Design: Up to 200°F (95°C) or up to 650°F (345°C)
    • Operating: To 500°F (260°C)
  • Design Pressure: In accordance with ANSI B31, ASME Section VIII; or other recognized standard
  • Support Spring: 316 S.S. to 250°F Inconel 750 to 450°F
  • Trim and Displacer: 316 S.S.
  • Attractor: 304, 316, or 416 S.S.
  • Cage Style: Seal welded or flanged
  • Process Connections: Socket weld, butt weld, flanges, clamp hubs, or custom OPTIONAL Custom modifications, including materials, dimensions, etc. to suit a particular application


The Delta Controls Models 762-33,-34,-35 & -38 Controls provide output switching at one elevation of a varying liquid level. The unit has its primary element mounted outside the process vessel. The external cage design is utilized to minimize process turbulence effects and in order that the level control may be valved off from the process vessel and depressurized for maintenance without disturbing the operation of the process. The output of the control consists of a switching action as the liquid level passes.

The liquid level rises and the displacer lifts the attractor in front of the switch station magnet. The magnet pulls in and the output switch is actuated. Decreasing liquid level moves the displacer/rod/collars downwards. The output switch deactuates when the attractor is pulled out of the magnetic field.

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