Model 709

SKU: 709

Float Switch, Top Inserted, Single Point

Operation: A float is carried up and down by variations in liquid level or interface position.

Uses: Provide high or low level alarm or interface position

Insertion: Up to 10 feet (3m) below the flange face

Switch Action: Single point

Specific Gravity: From 0.35 to 2.40 SGU

Temperature: From –150 to 750°F (-100 to +400° C)

Pressure: From –15 to 1200 PSIG (-1 to +80 BAR)

Process Connection: 1″ to 4″ NPT threaded; 1″ to 12″ flanged, up to 900# rating; ASA, DIN or JIS equivalent


Model 709 Product Diagram - Delta Controls Corporation

The Delta Controls Model 709 provides switch action at a selected elevation of a varying liquid level. The unit is located on top of the vessel with the primary element extending down into the vessel. The float rides on the surface of the liquid and is carried up and down as the liquid level varies. The attractor is coupled to the float by the float rod and also moves up and down as the level varies. The attractor is located inside of the barrier tube and is in contact with the process fluid. The switching stations are located on the outside of the tube and are isolated from the process fluid. Each station contains a magnet which is magnetically attracted to magnetic materials such as the attractor. The magnet is pulled in against the barrier tube as the attractor rises to the position of the magnet. The magnet is connected to an output dry contact switch which operates as the magnet is pulled in against the barrier tube. From 1 to 4 separate SPDT switches are simultaneously operated. The guide is always located just above the float. This improves reliability by helping to prevent rod bending, binding, and "hangups".

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