Model 715

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Displacer Switch, Top Inserted, Single Point

Operation: The weight of a displacer is supported by a spring. Variations in liquid level cause the displacer to move up and down. Switching action occurs as the level passes each displacer.

Uses: High or low alarm for liquid level or interface position

Insertion and Switching band: up to 50 feet (15m) maximum

Switch action: Single point alarm

Specific Gravity: form 0.25 to 2.4 SGU

Temperature: from –20 to 500°F (-30 to +260° C)

Pressure: from –15 to 2200 PSIG (-1 to +155 BAR)

Process Connection: 2″ to 4″ NPT threaded; 2″ to 12″ flanged up to 1500# rating; ASA, DIN, or JIS equivalents

The Delta Controls Model 715 provides activation of a single switch station as the liquid level surface rises past the elevation at which the displacer has been positioned. Similarly the switch station is deactivated as the liquid level falls below the displacer.

Operation is based on a buoyancy principle. A displacer, which is more dense than the process liquid is supported by a spring. The length of the spring is proportional to the amount of weight that it supports; the less the weight, the longer the spring will be. When liquid covers a displacer, an amount of weight, equal to the weight of the process liquid displaced, is removed from the spring and is supported by the process liquid. The spring length is proportionally increased and the attractor is moved up into the field of a switch station magnet.

The magnet is pulled in against the outside of the sealing tube and the output switch is activated.

Similarly, when the process fluid uncovers the displacer, the liquid weight equal to the volume of the displacer is transferred back to the spring. The length of the spring decreases to its original length and the attractor is pulled out of the field of the magnet. The magnet is pulled back to its original position and the output switch deactuates.

The Delta Control Model 715 can also be equipped with a lead weight instead of a displacer. The 715 is position above the top of a floating roof tank. The roof lifts the weight as it rises, triggering an alarm switch; which warns that the roof is about to be floated off the tank.

Model 715 Product Diagram - Delta Controls Corporation

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