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Sulfur Recovery Unit

Application Overview

The Claus process recovers elemental sulfur from gaseous hydrogen sulfide through a high temperature reactor and subsequent catalyst processes. Temperature is a primary process variable, but more importantly temperature measurement is critical for the overall safety and reliability of the reactor. As standard process temperatures rise through the use of oxygen enrichment and reach maximum capabilities of the refractory, it becomes increasingly important to have accurate and reliable temperature indication. Temperature is also critical for startup and shutdown processes.

The Delta Controls Benefit

  • Industry standard purged thermocouples for sulfur recovery temperature measurement
  • Unique pyrometer design prevents occlusion and sight path blockage issues
  • Only manufacturer to provide both infrared pyrometry and thermocouple technologies for sulfur recovery service
  • Sulfur-specific design maximizes measurement accuracy
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Process Data

Measurement Type

Temperature measurement

Installation Vessel


Typical Range

10 feet (3 meters)


Hydrogen sulfide, hydrocarbons

Typical Process Temperature

+212°F to +392°F (+100°C to +200°C)

Typical Process Pressure

87 psi to 218 psi (+6 bar to +15 bar)
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