Model P86

SKU: P86

Capacitance Probe, Flexible Cable, Dry Granulated Solids and Powders

Model P87 – Is a general duty probe with a 0.125″ø (3 mm ø) cable only (no weight). It is intended for service where roiling or side-to-side movement of the process solids occur. Applications include cement load out bins, flour bins, bottom centerline takeout pellet hoppers, etc.

Model P87W – Is a general duty probe with a 0.125″ø (3 mm ø) cable and bottom weight. It is intended for services such as plastic pellets, grain, etc. The switchpoint is set at the midpoint of the weight (0.88″ø x 12.0″ long) (23 mm ø X 300 mm long)

Model P88 – Is a heavy duty probe with a 0.19″ø (5 mm ø) cable and bottom weight. The weight (1.00″ø x 12″ long) is intended for service in heavy granules, and similar small chunk material. Services such as Taconite, marble chips, and the like are reliably sensed.

Model P89A – Is a heavy duty cable probe which is hung from an internal to the tank support. The lower end is free to move and follow the flow of material. Multiple switch points or a 4-20 mADC signal are common output signals. Used for reliable service in tall cement silos and the like.

Model P89B – Is a heavy duty cable probe which is hung from an internal to the tank support and is also tied off to a similar support at the bottom of the tank. This unit is required when the material flow is substantial in the horizontal direction. Significant horizontal movement can cause measurement errors and can even short a probe out against the wall if the bottom end is not secured in place.

Wetted materials: SS’ cable, weights and trim, bodies and process connections may be steel, stainless steel, or exotic materials when required by the application.


Model P86 Product Diagram - Delta Controls Corporation
  • Heavy duty strong cable supported sensors are reliable
  • Gland to cable connection is actually stronger than the cable itself
  • Insulators and supports are fiber filled Delrin® or various ceramics for long life
  • Secondary seal of PTFE prevents moisture and condensation from causing false switching
  • Bare S.S. sensing rods and cables resist abrasion and corrosion
  • Proven reliability in all kinds of solids applications


These Delta Controls Series 86 sensing probes are mounted on top of the tank or silo with the cable hanging down inside. Weights or tie downs are required on the bottom when strong air currents are present. The insertion should be limited to 6 feet when high velocity air currents, such as at a cyclone, are present. Otherwise the flexible cable, with or without a weight, can be whipped about by the air flow and may cause erratic operation and maintenance problems. The glands are sealed against moisture and water.