Model HNP

Refractory Nozzle Insulation Kit, For Use with HTP/HTX Thermocouple

The Delta Controls HNP Nozzle Packing kit is design to prevent sulfur components from forming inside the thermocouple nozzle.   

Warning: Do not fill the nozzle with castable refractory.  Any castable will have to be drilled out and removed.


Model HNP Components
  • Prevents sulfur from building up in the thermocouple nozzle
  • Secures and mechanically isolates both ceramic thermowells
  • Resilient, allows movement between the nozzle supported thermocouple and the refractory


  • Pressed Rings (Rigid): 1200°F (650°C) continuous service; calcium silicate blend
  • Compressible Collar and Nozzle Ring: 2300°F (1250°C) continuous service; ceramic fiber blend
  • Instruction Details: Included in package


The correct type and quantity of nozzle packing materials must be used with a Delta Controls Thermocouple. The packing must tightly fill the space between the two wells and the nozzle flange/wall. It must be resilient to allow movement between the shell and the refractory lining. It must be accurately cut and the components installed in the correct sequence to prevent thermowell damage.


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Refractory Nozzle Insulation Kit, For Use with HTP/HTX Thermocouple

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