Model 716D

SKU: 716D

Displacer Switch, Top Inserted, Differential Control

Operation: The weight of a displacer is supported by a spring. Variations in liquid level cause the displacer to move up and down. Switching action occurs as the level passes each displacer.

Uses: High and/or low alarm; single and multiple pump control

Insertion and Switching band: up to 50 feet (16 m) maximum

Switch action: From 1 to 4 points of alarm and/or on-off pump control

Specific Gravity: form 0.25 to 2.4 SGU

Temperature: from –20 to 500°F (-30 to +260° C)

Pressure: from –15 to 2200 PSIG (-1 to +155 BAR)

Process Connection: 3″ to 4″ NPT threaded; 3″ to 12″ flanged up to 1500# rating; ASA, DIN, or JIS style

Delta Controls Model 716A spring supported displacer type level switches are used in sumps, tanks, and vessels where long insertions and switching over wide variations in liquid level are required.


The Delta Controls Model 716D spring supported displacer type level switch employs the same mechanism, displacers, etc., as the Model 716A. It is equipped with only a single switch station and is setup for adjustable differential control action. The most common application is to turn a pump on and off for controlling the filling or emptying of tanks and sumps.

Model 716D Product Diagram - Delta Controls Corporation

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