Model 623

SKU: 623A

Flow Switch, Low Flow, Safety Shower and Eye Wash Station Service

The Delta Controls Model 623 detects low flow in safety showers and eye wash stations. This flow switch also reliably detects low flow in chemical and corrosive services.


Model 621 Product Diagram - Delta Controls Corporation
  • High Flow rates with Low Pressure Drop
  • Reactor Cooling Water Loss Alarm
  • Low Rate Alarm in High Velocity or High Pressure Lines


The Delta Controls Model 623 is a dual stage flow switch that actuates at low flow rates without unacceptably high pressure drops at 50 times the actuation rate. The 623 Flow Switch consists of two sections: a flow sensing target and a 2 PSI pressure operated flow bypass valve.

As the flow rate begins to increase from zero, the fluid flows only through a restriction nozzle and impinges against a target. The target rotates at the specified flow rate. A switch is magnetically coupled to the target and actuates when the rotation occurs. The switch output is used for alarm or control. The flow valve opens when the flow rate exceeds the actuation rate. This allows the additional fluid flow to bypass the restriction nozzle. The pressure drop is thus limited to a low value at high flow rates.

Highly reliable. Primary usage is commonly installed on each safety shower-eye wash station in the plant. Alarms at a continuously manned station (such as the control room) so that help can be immediately dispatched to a person in need of assistance.

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