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Incinerator Products for Landfills

Application Overview

In landfills, incinerators must maintain a temperature of 1838 degrees Fahrenheit (1000 degrees Celsius) for waste to completely burn.

Two air sources, above and beneath the combustion grate, increase the process efficiency.

The Delta Controls Benefit

  • Maintenance-free design reduces OPEX
  • Robust design provides reliability turnaround to turnaround
  • Proprietary protection mechanisms protect elements from degradation
Modelhtp - Delta Controls Corporation

Process Data

Measurement Type

Temperature measurement

Typical Range

98 feet (30 meters)


Solid waste

Typical Process Temperature

+50 °F to +1832 °F (+10 °C to +1000 °C)

Typical Process Pressure

0 psi (0 bar)
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