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Distillation Columns / Crude Oil Distillation Unit

Application Overview

In a crude oil distillation unit, distillation columns contain application-dependent tray types to segregate hydrocarbons into separate streams requiring continuous temperature, pressure and level monitoring.

The Delta Controls Benefit

  • Simple installation and setting adjustments available on onboard menus or HART® controller
  • Innovative ceramic probe design provides long-term reliability in high temperature applications
  • Optional relays on certain models streamline automation
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Process Data

Measurement Type

Level measurement and point level detection

Installation Vessel


Typical Range

20 feet (6 meters)



Typical Process Temperature

+500°F to +752°F (+260°C to +400°C)

Typical Process Pressure

+7 psi to +58 psi (+0.5 bar to +4 bar)
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