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Creatine Reaction Vessel

Application Overview

Creatine is naturally created in the body and can also be synthetically manufactured. Ingredients, including sarcosine and cyanamide, are combined in a reaction vessel and are heated under pressure to form creatine crystals. The media is then sent through a centrifugal process. Level measurement is necessary to ensure a reliable reaction process is achieved.

The Delta Controls Benefit

  • Application specific design maximizes measurement accuracy and meets sanitary requirement
  • Insensitivity to process coatings offers maintenance-free operation
  • Robust design provides long-term reliability
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Process Data

Measurement Type

Level measurement

Installation Vessel

Agitated Reaction Vessel

Typical Range

13 feet (4 meters)


Chemical mixture

Typical Process Temperature

+50°F to +167°F (+10°C to +75°C)

Typical Process Pressure

0 psi to 14 psi (0 bar to +1 bar)
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