Model P44A-B


Conductance Probe, Multiple Rod Electrodes, Regular Duty, Plastic Body

Model P44A

This unit has a plastic body, PTFE jacket, and EPDM rubber seals. It is used for both general purpose and corrosive applications. The electrode rod is continuous and clamp sealed into the body. It does not have a small weak joint where it can break off as do common light duty designs, neither can the rod vibrate loose, unscrew, and fall off. A type 4X PVC hoseproof housing for the remoted electronics is provided. Plugs are provided for spare holes. Trim is stainless steel.

Model P44B

This unit is same as the Model P44A, except each rod has a full length PTFE jacket that extends to within 1″ of its tip. The jacket is continuous and is clamp sealed inside the body. There is no gap in or “lapping” over the jacket seal; low cost designs such as those commonly allow buildup material or condensed moisture to short out the probe and cause false switching to occur.

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