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SRU Temperature Measurement

SRU Temperature Measurement Instrumentation

Application Overview

Sulfur recovery plants, utilizing the Claus reaction, recover elemental sulfur from gaseous hydrogen sulfide through an initial high temperature reactor and subsequent catalyst processes. With corrosive acid gases and high temperatures in the thermal reactor, many temperature instruments have been unable to provide long-term reliability and accuracy.

Temperature Measurement in SRU

There are essentially two types of devices suitable for monitoring the temperature of Claus thermal reactor refractory: the thermocouple and the infrared pyrometer. Although both have proven to be effective over many years of Claus reactor service, both technologies are encumbered with drawbacks and operational problems. Standard industrial thermocouples corrode in such an application and many pyrometers designed for sulfur recovery experience deteriorating accuracy and nozzle blockage. Delta Controls has developed Model HTP/HTX/HTS/HTV Thermocouples and Model HIR Infrared Pyrometer to provide engineered solutions to the historical issues of temperature measurement utilized in sulfur recovery service.

Delta Controls CLAUSTEMP® Technologies

With over four decades of experience in sulfur recovery plants, Delta has engineered temperature instruments that provide operators with long term reliability and minimal maintenance. Visit for more details regarding Delta’s expertise in sulfur recovery temperature measurement.

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