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Sewer Network

Application Overview

Sewer systems collect and convey wastewater via a network of pipes and pump stations to a wastewater treatment plant. Water level is measured and monitored at numerous points in the network to allow for optimal operation and utilization of the sewer system.

The Delta Controls Benefit

  • Large diaphragm design provides a robust and reliable measurement
  • Sensor configuration allows for remote or local LCD display level monitoring
  • Available temperature measurement feature provides additional monitoring through one sensor
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Process Data

Measurement Type

Level and/or pressure measurement

Typical Range

7 feet (2 meters)



Typical Process Temperature

+32°F to +104°F (0 ⁰C to +40 ⁰C)

Typical Process Pressure

+15 psi to +29 psi (+1 bar to +2 bar)
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