Model P80

SKU: P80

Capacitance Probe, Rigid Rod, Dry Granulated Solids and Powders

Model P81 – Is a medium duty probe for inserting in from the side or down from the top; it may be covered by up to 26 feet of sand or 65 feet of grain.

Model P82 – Is a general duty, rugged, side inserted probe. It may be covered with up to 55 feet of sand or 130 feet of grain.

Model P83 – Is a heavy duty, side inserted probe for more demanding jobs. It may be covered with up to 75 feet of sand or 180 feet of grain. It will also withstand small to medium size chunk solids.

Model P84 – Is an extra heavy duty side flush face probe for the very toughest of applications. It may be covered with up to 150 feet of sand or 375 feet of grain. It is also rugged enough to withstand some larger chunk size solids.

Insertion: Any unwanted or unneeded insertion length can be sawed off at the plant site.

Temperature: 260°F (125°C) maximum


  • Full length concentric rod/insulator/body design withstands heavy loads, resists bending
  • Secondary PTFE seal prevents failures and false alarms due to moisture and condensation
  • For alarm or high/low control action
  • Can be installed in tiled or concrete silos
  • Heavy duty, proven reliability
  • Is suitable for many chunk solid applications
  • Easy selection of required probe model by using "WF" and "QSU" values to accurately forecast service results


The Delta Controls Series 80 probes are rigid rod type probes for dry powders and granular solids. The sensing rod has a "through-the-gland" design for maximum strength and resistance to bending. These types are necessary when the probe is to be mounted into the side of a vessel. The glands are sealed against water and moisture. The sensing rod and body are 300 S.S., the insulator is Delrin®, and the seal is PTFE .

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