Model P46A-B


Conductance Probe, Multiple Cable Electrodes, Adjustable Knot Type

Each probe wire is equipped with a rubber “O” ring and a 300 SS plate which provide a vapor seal where the cable exits the body. These units are not suitable for pressure services or where the liquid is fuming or boiling. The length of each electrode cable is adjusted by changing the position of a simple overhand knot. Plugs are provided for unused holes. A basic type 4X hoseproof PVC housing (150°F limit) for use with remote electronics is provided on the P47 series. The P46 series utilizes a cast iron condulet body for strength. Integrally mounted electronics are not available with these styles. The cable wires normally extend to the electronics unit or to a junction box. An optional clamp type terminal strip for junctioning mounted in the housing is available.

Model P46A

This assembly extends out over an open pit or tank. It attaches to the threaded end of a rigid 1/2″ NPT conduit which supports it. It is made of heavy cast iron. It can support up to 4 electrodes.

Model P46B

This unit is a larger version of the Model P46B. It mounts on a 1″ NPT conduit thread and can accommodate up to 8 electrodes.