Model P43

SKU: P43

Conductance Probe, Multiple Cable Electrodes

NOTE: The length of all electrode cables can be changed in the field and resealing the cable(s) to the process connection is easily accomplished.

Model P43A

This assembly is equipped with a plastic body, cable jacket, and shield. Seals are EPDM rubber. It is suitable for most applications at moderate temperatures and pressures. Up to 4 electrodes may be accommodated. Cable jackets extend into the body and are clamp sealed. This prevents failure due to shorting out by buildup and moisture which commonly occurs at the old fashioned cable to rod connections used on some competitive low cost OEM designs. There is no crack or overlap to allow moisture to contact the cable. The basic PVC housing provided (140°F limit) is Type 4X. Plug kits are provided for spare holes. The trim is stainless steel.

Model P43C

This unit is a larger version of the Model 43A, and can accommodate up to 7 electrodes.

Model P43J

This probe assembly is equipped with a nylon blend plastic body, and Buna-N cable seals. It is not available with a head housing. Cable wires must extend to the remoted electronics unit or to a junction box.

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