Model P41

SKU: P41

Conductance Probe, Single Rod Electrode

ANSI Pipe Connection

Model P41A

This Probe has a plastic body, PTFE insulation, 316S.S. sensing rod, and EPDM rubber seals. It is suitable for general purpose applications with low to moderate temperature and pressure requirements. An electrical housing is optional.

Model P41B

Same as P41A except with PTFE sensing rod jacket to within 1″ of tip.

Model P41C

Similar to the P41A, except the body is stainless steel and the seal is PTFE. It is equipped with a 0.62″ long PTFE jacket (not available any longer than 0.62″).

Model P41F

This is a higher temperature and pressure version of the P41D, which is stronger, and used for heavy duty services. The body is metal and seals are PTFE which extend 1″ down the probe from the process connection.

Model P41G

Same as P41F, except the electrode is equipped with an extra thick, heavy duty PTFE jacket to within 1″ of the probe tip. It may also be equipped with a 6″ extension for higher temperature service.

“3A” SANITARY FLANGE CONNECTION (basic unit mates with Ladish Tri-Clamp)

Model P41D-LT

This Probe has a PVC or PVDF body with a polished stainless steel sensing rod.

Model P41S-LTC

This Probe has polished 316 SS body and rod. The seal is compression molded PTFE. It is used in the food and pharmaceutical industries where frequent and through dismantling and cleaning is done. Ladish “Tri-Clamp”, “Acme Nut”, “APC”, “Cherry Burrell” and other type connection designs are available.

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