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Tilt Switch

The Delta Controls Model 835 Tilt Switch detects the presence or absence of material at the elevation of its probe. The arriving material pushes the lower end of the hanging probe to one side. An internal drop of liquid acts as a tilt sensor and signals when the probe moves to an angle of 15 degrees away from vertical.

The tilt signal is handled in accordance with the programmed setup. The output relay energizes if the probe remains vertical for the preset time period. The interconnecting cable is very flexible. Each wire has rubber insulation with the outer jacket constructed with abrasion resistant rubber.


  • Easy to install
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Long life probe cable
  • Program heavy-duty relay action
  • Optional intrinsically safe probe barrier
  • Optional time delay


  • Circuit Board: Epoxy-glass; Acrylic sealed
  • Relay: DPDT 5A @ 240 ACV
  • Relay Action: Energized when probe is vertical
  • Terminals: Clamp ≤ 12 gauge (2 mm) wire
  • Supply Power: ACV 50 Hz to 60 Hz, 20 W
  • Operating Temperature: 20 °F to +190 °F (-29 °C to 88 °C)
  • Time Delay (On Return to Vertical Position): 1 s to 90 s Status indicators included

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Tilt Switch

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