Model 627

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Flow Switch, Inline Body, Open Bore, No Pressure Loss

Delta Controls Model 627 – Detects very low flows in larger pipelines, no pressure drop for 2″ through 8″ pipelines; full swing target; General Purpose


Model 627 Product Diagram - Delta Controls Corporation

The Delta Controls Model 627 is a target actuated flow switch and is equipped with a body that fits into and becomes part of the pipeline. It is similar to the Model 626, but is available in a wider range of materials and pressure ratings.

The Model 627 is equipped with a "cupped" and "fitted" target that nearly fills the inside area of the in-line pipeline body at low to "no" flow rates. The target is the "full swing" type and swings back 90 degrees to rest flush against the inside of the pipeline when the flow rate equals the designed flow rate.

The target has been "fitted" so that it is flush against the interior curve of the pipeline during higher flow rates. Only the thin edge of the target plus its support block contacts the flow profile. The inside area of the pipeline is not restricted and the result is a full open bore. This design produces a negligible pressure drop while allowing an extremely high velocity throughput. Even so, the 627 actuates at very low calibrated flow rates.

The 627 is useful for a wide variety of applications, including: exothermic reactor cooling water; blending systems to verify that an ingredient has, in fact, been added; tank car complete drainage; and product transfer completion tasks.

Connection of the target to the output switch is done magnetically. A heavy-duty solid sealing tube separates the process fluid from the switch mechanism. Failures due to seal, diaphragm cracks, and bellows leaks are eliminated.

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