Model 564

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Pressure Transmitter, Modular Electronics, Pressurized Vessel Insertion/Removal

The Delta Controls Model 564 is a two wire pressure transmitter designed to measure liquid level and pressure in tanks which cannot be depressurized or allowed to leak. It is suitable for services that are very dirty, leave deposits, and generally tend to plug up any cavity or recess they encounter. The ability to insert the sensor face of the Model 564 all the way into the inside of the vessel usually eliminates these problems. Other applications include process materials that tend to set up or crystallize when stagnant; that solidify and plug sensing lines when allowed to cool, slurries of polymerizing agents, and the like.

The Delta Controls Model 564 can be inserted from the top or side of a vessel as required. Safety stops prevent accidental ejection of the transmitter and rapid discharge of the tank contents into the environment. Block valve, adapters, and pipe fittings may be furnished by the user or by Delta Controls Corp. The sensor is referenced to atmospheric pressure through a vent tube. A desiccant filter or isolation bladder prevents moisture condensation in the vent tube.


  • Flush Face Type Sensing Diaphragm; 316-L Basic
  • Integral Sealed Electronics Module for Corrosive Environments
  • Spark, Voltage Surge, And Noise Protection
  • Suitable For Dirty Liquids And Slurries
  • Measures Levels In Tanks Pressurized Up To 15 PSIG (1 Bar) Or Down To Hard Vacuum
  • Can Also Transmit The Process Temperature Over A Second 4-20 mADC Signal Loop
  • Intended To Be Inserted Or Removed Without Draining Or Depressurizing The Tank Or Vessel
  • Used From Hard Vacuum To 1000 PSIG (70 Bar) Pressure
  • Can be Inserted Vertically or Horizontally


  • Technology: Silicon strain gage
  • Supply Power: 13 to 35 VDC, 2 wire loop powered
  • Output Signal: 4-20 mADC isolated, Intrinsically Safe
  • Loop Impedance: 550 ohms at 24 VDC. 1100 ohms at 35 VDC
  • Adjustments: Span from 30% to 100% of sensor range. Zero to 30% basic; non-interactive.
  • Temperature Range:
    • -20 to+220°F (-30 to +105°C) Process
    • -20 to+185°F (-30 to +85°C) Electronics
    • 30 to+130°F (-1 to +55°C) Compensated (Higher Available)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.25% F.S. or better
  • Thermal Error: ± 0.02% F.S./ °F maximum
  • Barometric Effect: None
  • Over Pressure: 2x rated pressure range; 35 PSI (2.5 Bar) minimum


  • Liquid Ammonia Storage Tank Level
  • Sewage Treatment Digestors
  • High Reliability Hydrocarbon Containment
  • Toxic Materials That Must Be Confined
  • Paint And Coating Storage Tanks

Optional Features

  • Dampening: Selectable 0.1 to 22 seconds
  • Indicator: Direct reading LCD display
  • Temperature Transmitter: 4-20 mA, 2-wire
  • Higher Pressures: To 1000 PSIG (70 Bar)

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