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Steam Condensate Level Detection

Model 763 - Steam Condensate Level Detection Instrumentation - Delta Controls

Application Overview

Steam condensate applications present considerable challenges for instrumentation due to the high temperatures and pressures, as well as the critical nature of reliable switching action. Steam condensate applications are typically found in boiler and heating facilities, but also in many other industrial power systems. Failure to accurately detect low condensate level can result in catastrophic failure of boiler systems. Reliable and safe level detection is critical for condensate applications due to safety and efficiency of the process.

Steam Condensate Level Detection

Mechanical level switches are the most common form of instrumentation utilized in detecting condensate level. Electronic instruments typically cannot withstand the high temperatures and pressures utilized in the process. The simplicity of mechanical design remains beneficial for the demanding process conditions.

Delta Controls Model 763

Specifically engineered for steam condensate level detection, the Model 763 offers dry contact switching without requiring external power. The robust design offers a dual magnet design that is not affected by vibration. The design has been thoroughly tested for decades and proves to be a reliable switch for steam condensate level detection.

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