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Landfill Leachate Measurement

Landfill Leachate Measurement Instrumentation

Application Overview

The level of leachate within landfills is critical to maintain to prevent lining damage, overflow of contaminated water, and exterior contamination. Other process upsets can also occur when the leachate level is not properly maintained.

Leachate Level Measurement

A perforated pipe installed in a landfill allows the leachate level to be measured through various forms of level technology including capacitance, hydrostatic pressure, ultrasonic, and others.

Delta Controls Model 591/592

The Model 591 and 592 offer an engineered design suitable for use in leachate applications. The 316 SS wetted materials provide compatibility with most leachates and other materials of construction are available upon request. With cable offerings of PVC and Tefzel jacketed cable, landfill operators can directly submerge the sensor into the perforated pipe for accurate and reliable level readings.

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