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Floating Roof Tank High Level Alarm


Application Overview

External floating roof storage tanks offer a safe petroleum product storage solution by eliminating vapor space above the stored tank material. High level liquid upsets pose significant safety, financial, and environmental risks to operators and storage terminals. Failure to properly maintain high level can result in damaged rim seals and the overflow of stored product.  

Tank Overfill Protection

While a variety of instruments provide continuous tank level readings and process analyzation,  a high level mechanical alarm is preferred by operators due to the simplicity and reliability of the design.  Electronic instruments require a power supply, maintenance, and can fail in a variety of ways. The simplicity of mechanical design remains beneficial for the reliable operation of tank level.

Delta Controls Model 715-48Z

Specifically engineered for floating roof storage tanks, the Model 715 with ’48Z’ lead weight configuration offers a safe, non-invasive, and reliable level solution for storage terminals of crude oil and other materials. Utilizing a lead weight instead of a float or displacer, the roof tank lifts the weight as the level rises, triggering an alarm switch warning operators of the potential overflow. The Model 715-48Z is easily positioned above storage tanks by NPT or flanged process connections, and offers an adjustable position of lead weight along the cable. The durable design has been tested for over four decades and remains the trusted level switch for floating roof tank high level detection.


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