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Filling Machine Level Detection

Model 105 - Filling Machine Level Detection Instrumentation - Delta Controls

Application Overview

Filling machines typically require level detection for high-level batch/bin filling. The varying materials used in the filling systems present challenges to detecting the level of varying media.

Filling Machine Level Detection

Filling machines most commonly use vibrating densitometer or capacitance technology for level detection. Vibrating densitometers suffer from surface caking on the switch leading to a compromised switching mechanism.

Delta Controls Model 105

The Model 105 with the ‘ZZ2’ configuration is specifically engineered for use with dry or wet powders. Offering electronics that are resistant to media build-up, the Model 105 is maintenance-free as well as field adjustable to changes of material type. The electronics are designed for detection of low dielectric materials and provide reliable operation even in granular materials with large air pockets.

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