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Delta Controls Model P41 Probes
Electrode Probe, Single Rod, Pressure Tight, Tip Sensitive


Model P41A
This Probe has a plastic body, PTFE insulation, 316S.S. sensing rod, and EPDM rubber seals. It is suitable for general purpose applications with low to moderate temperature and pressure requirements. An electrical housing is optional.

Model P41B

Same as P41A except with PTFE sensing rod jacket to within 1" of tip.

Model P41C

Similar to the P41A, except the body is stainless steel and the seal is PTFE. It is equipped with a 0.62" long PTFE jacket (not available any longer than 0.62").

Model P41F

This is a higher temperature and pressure version of the P41D, which is stronger, and used for heavy duty services. The body is metal and seals are PTFE which extend 1" down the probe from the process connection.

Model P41G

Same as P41F, except the electrode is equipped with an extra thick, heavy duty PTFE jacket to within 1" of the probe tip. It may also be equipped with a 6" extension for higher temperature service.

"3A" SANITARY FLANGE CONNECTION (basic unit mates with Ladish Tri-Clamp)

Model P41D-LT
This Probe has a PVC or PVDF body with a polished stainless steel sensing rod.

Model P41S-LTC

This Probe has polished 316 SS body and rod. The seal is compression molded PTFE. It is used in the food and pharmaceutical industries where frequent and through dismantling and cleaning is done. Ladish "Tri-Clamp", "Acme Nut", "APC", "Cherry Burrell" and other type connection designs are available.

Delta Controls Model P42 Probes
Upper Gland/Seal/Support For Use With A Single Cable Supported Electrode

Model P42N
This upper unit is used for light duty, non-corrosive water service, when the electronics unit is to be remotely mounted. It's principle advantages are low cost and toughness. The insertion length is adjustable.

Model P42V & K

This is a heavy duty unit for corrosive applications. It has a housing mounting connection which is suitable for integral electronics or conduit connection. The insertion length is fixed, but may be shortened in the field.

Model P42T, Y & G

This is a rugged heavy duty unit for the toughest and most corrosive services. It is also suitable for high pressures. The strong metal body is suitable for rough services. The electronics unit can be integrally mounted on the gland head. The insertion length is adjustable.

Delta Controls Model P43 Probes
Cable Supported Electrode Upper Unit, Plastic Body

NOTE: The length of all electrode cables can be changed in the field and resealing the cable(s) to the process connection is easily accomplished.

Model P43A
This assembly is equipped with a plastic body, cable jacket, and shield. Seals are EPDM rubber. It is suitable for most applications at moderate temperatures and pressures. Up to 4 electrodes may be accommodated. Cable jackets extend into the body and are clamp sealed. This prevents failure due to shorting out by buildup and moisture which commonly occurs at the old fashioned cable to rod connections used on some competitive low cost OEM designs. There is no crack or overlap to allow moisture to contact the cable. The basic PVC housing provided (140°F limit) is Type 4X. Plug kits are provided for spare holes. The trim is stainless steel.

Model P43C

This unit is a larger version of the Model 43A, and can accommodate up to 7 electrodes.

Model P43J

This probe assembly is equipped with a nylon blend plastic body, and Buna-N cable seals. It is not available with a head housing. Cable wires must extend to the remoted electronics unit or to a junction box.

Delta Controls Model P44A-D Probes
For Water & Other Conductive Liquids
Rod Electrode Probe, Regular Duty, Plastic Body, Multiple Rod Type, Tip Sensitive, Pressure Tight, ANSI Pipe Connection

Model P44A
This unit has a plastic body, PTFE jacket, and EPDM rubber seals. It is used for both general purpose and corrosive applications. The electrode rod is continuous and clamp sealed into the body. It does not have a small weak joint where it can break off as do common light duty designs, neither can the rod vibrate loose, unscrew, and fall off. A type 4X PVC hoseproof housing for the remoted electronics is provided. Plugs are provided for spare holes. Trim is stainless steel.

Model P44B

This unit is same as the Model P44A, except each rod has a full length PTFE jacket that extends to within 1" of its tip. The jacket is continuous and is clamp sealed inside the body. There is no gap in or "lapping" over the jacket seal; low cost designs such as those commonly allow buildup material or condensed moisture to short out the probe and cause false switching to occur.

Model P44C

This unit is larger version of the Model P44A; it can hold 5,6, or 7 bare electrode rods.

Model P44D

Same as Model P44C, except equipped with PTFE jackets to within 1" of the electrode rod tips.

Delta Controls Model P44F-G Probes
For Steam, Water & Other Conductive Liquids
Electrode Probe, Heavy Duty, Metal Body, Multiple Rod Type, Tip Sensitive Pressure Tight, ANSI Pipe Connection

Model P44F
This assembly is heavy duty for severe services or when the highest reliability is required. Electrodes are one piece rods passing completely through the body and then clamp sealed inside the body. Seals and electrode jacket are PTFE (jacket extends 1" below the process connection). Safety stops prevent rod blowout even at 3000 PSIG pressure. Both upper and lower rod jackets are clamp sealed to prevent failure due to shorting by moisture condensation and deposits. A type 4X hoseproof housing for remote electronics unit is provided.

Model P44G

Same as Model P44F, except the lower sensing electrode jacket extends to within 1" of the rod tips.

Model P44H

Same as Model P44F, except the electronics are integral to the unit. A type 4X hoseproof housing for integral electronics unit is available.

Model P44J

Same as Model P44G, except the electronics are integral to the unit. A type 4X hoseproof housing for integral electronics unit is available.

Delta Controls Model P44M-P Probes
Multiple Electrode Probe, Sanitary, Tip Sensitive


These probes are suitable for most food and pharmaceutical services where frequent and complete cleaning is required. The body and insulators are made of 31655 or "FDA" approved plastics. The rods are polished 316 S.S.. The basic process connection mates with a 2" tube size Ladish Tri-Clamp flange. Larger sizes, as well as those mating with "Acme Nut". "APC", "Cherry-Burrell", etc.; are available. The electronics unit may be mounted directly on the head of the probe body, or remotely, as desired.

Model P44M
The Model P44M has two sensing rods.

Model P44N

The Model P44N has three sensing rods.

Model P44P

The Model P44P has four sensing rods.

Delta Controls Model P46 and P47 Probes
For Sumps, Vented Tanks, And Atmospheric Pressure Services, (Vapor Seal Only, Not Pressure Tight)
Upper Mounting Support Units For Cable Supported Electrode Probes, Adjustable Knot; Multiple Cable Style

Each probe wire is equipped with a rubber "O" ring and a 300 SS plate which provide a vapor seal where the cable exits the body. These units are not suitable for pressure services or where the liquid is fuming or boiling. The length of each electrode cable is adjusted by changing the position of a simple overhand knot. Plugs are provided for unused holes. A basic type 4X hoseproof PVC housing (150°F limit) for use with remote electronics is provided on the P47 series. The P46 series utilizes a cast iron condulet body for strength. Integrally mounted electronics are not available with these styles. The cable wires normally extend to the electronics unit or to a junction box. An optional clamp type terminal strip for junctioning mounted in the housing is available.

Model P46A
This assembly extends out over an open pit or tank. It attaches to the threaded end of a rigid 1/2" NPT conduit which supports it. It is made of heavy cast iron. It can support up to 4 electrodes.

Model P46B

This unit is a larger version of the Model P46B. It mounts on a 1" NPT conduit thread and can accommodate up to 8 electrodes.

Model P47D

This assembly is mounted on a vertical NPT or flanged pipe connection. It is equipped with a basic housing and NPT conduit connection. A clamp type terminal strip, located in the basic housing is optional.

Model P47E

This is a larger version of the Model P47B probe assembly; up to 7 electrodes may be accommodated.

Model P47F

This is still larger version of the Model P47B probe assembly; up to 13 electrodes may be accommodated.

Delta Controls Cable Supported Electrode Lower Sensing Unit

This is our most versatile lower electrode unit. The electrode is sealed inside an insulating body which has a long isolating path to other electrodes, tank wall ground, etc. The unit is equipped with dual Viton seals for utmost reliability. It can be used in strong acids, alkalies, etc. at high temperatures. The PTFE cable insulation is immune to almost any corrosion.


This is a compact unit which is equipped with a close fitting PTFE jacket around the body. The jacket does not cover the cable connection nut. Isolating path to ground is much shorter than in the type "SE". It is suitable for most normal applications where switch points are spaced apart in a medium or large size tank.


This unit is similar to the "SJ" except that it has a bare stainless steel cable that has been coated with PTFE. It is intended for dirty rough services that are only somewhat corrosive.

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