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Typical Applications

Water wells, test wells, fuel oils, treatment chemical storage tanks, landfill leachate wells, reservoirs, storm water retention basins.


The Delta Controls Model 591 level transmitter incorporates both the sensor and the electronics unit in a single potted module. The module is protected by a Viton® sealed heavy stainless steel body. This lower body is sealed to an electrical cable, both of which are supported from the well head above. The sensor detects the pressure of the water surrounding it. This pressure is linearly proportional to the height of water above it. The sensor is connected to and referenced to atmospheric pressure by a vent tube in the cable. The sensor/electronics unit converts the pressure into a 4-20 mADC signal equivalent to the liquid level.

Unlike capacitance and admittance type devices, the Delta Controls Model 591 is unaffected by algae growth and sludge coating. Also, it’s calibration can be "bucket" checked or changed without the unit being installed in a well or pit. It is inexpensive to purchase and install. It is also virtually maintenance free which results in a low cost of ownership.

The Model 591 is also very useful for measuring levels in tanks. The flexible cable is easy to install, even when the head room above a tank is minimal. The small body diameter allows it to be installed through a small 3/4" NPT hole. The optional TEF cable jacket and Hastelloy "C"® body are resistant to most corrosive agents.


(in remote 4X housing)


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