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Model 566 lower bodyFeatures

Typical Applications

Sewage Lift Stations, Lime Slurry, Aerobic Digestors, Drilling mud, Retention Basins, Latex Paint, Alum Tanks, Catch Tanks, Wastewater Sumps, Oil Field Slop Tanks.


The Delta Controls Model 566 Level Transmitter is a reliable head pressure type level transmitter. The electronics and calibration adjustments are contained inside a remoted housing. The body protects the strain gage sensor. The cable is sealed to the sensor body. When installed in a lift station, sump, basin or other containment, the strain gage sensor determines the liquid level from the pressure exerted on it by the liquid height above it. Because the diaphragm is completely open to the product being measured, it cannot be plugged and rendered inoperable by liquids with high solids contents such as sewage, wastewater, and slurries. The diaphragm is fabricated from tough rubber and is coupled to the strain gage through a nontoxic oil fill. The abrasion resistant face has superior resistance to damage from gravel and other moving solids. Its large 3" active size and its smooth outer surface make it extremely durable and reliable in harsh services.

A vent tube connected directly to the sensor compensates automatically for changes in atmospheric pressure. A desiccant filter or isolation bladder prevents condensation in the vent tube. The bladder does not require maintenance or refilling.


Lower Sensing Unit

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